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1040 Tax Calculator - Enter your filing income,  status, deductions and credits and we will do an estimate of your total tax. Based on the projected withholdings for the year, we can also estimate the tax refund or amount you may owe the IRS next tax season.  

457 Payroll Deductions - Use this calculator to help you estimate the impact of altering your payroll deductions.

Estate Tax Planning - Knowing your potential estate tax liability is a good place to begin your estate tax plan. Use this calculator to determine your estate tax liability.

Net to Gross Paycheck Calculator – Use this calculator to determine the gross paycheck needed to provide a required net amount.

Payroll Deductions Calculator - Use this calculator to help you assess the impact of altering your payroll deductions.

U.S. 1040EZ Tax Form Calculator - Many people can use the 1040EZ tax form in place of the more difficult 1040, to calculate their taxes. Consisting of only seven required inputs, the 1040EZ is one of the fastest forms to calculate your tax bill.

Earned Income Credit (EIC) Calculator - Use this calculator to assess if you’re qualified for the Earned Income Credit and if so, how much it may be worth.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Calculator - Use this calculator to see how participation in Flexible Spending Account (FSA) contributions can assist you in paying less taxes, and escalate your net take home pay.

Hourly Paycheck Calculator - Determine your paycheck for hourly wages by using this calculator.

Marginal Tax Rate Calculator - Use this calculator to determine your effective and marginal tax rates. This calculator sorts through all the filing options and tax brackets to calculate your correct tax liability.

Self-Employment Tax Calculator - If you are self-employed, a church employee or operate a farm; use this calculator to determine your self-employment taxes for the tax year.


IRS - Home of the IRS on the Web. The IRS has a more user-friendly website that serves as a resource for a myriad of questions.

Check Your Refund Status - Track your tax return through the IRS website.

Federal Tax Forms & Publictions - A direct link to all IRS forms and publications - an extensive, but easy to use archive on all tax forms - past and present.

Colorado State Dept. of Revenue - The official Colorado State Department of Revenue Service website.

Social Security Online - The official website of the U.S. Social Security Administration.

Wall Street Journal - Complete financial news service offers personalized news and market quotes. Plus, links to Barrons Online and Smart Money Interactive.


Auto Loan Early Payoff - Find out how much interest you can save by increasing your monthly auto loan payment.

Dealer vs Credit Union Financing - compare payment plans between these two financing options to get the best rate.

Lease vs Buy - Ease your decision on whether it makes more sense to buy or lease your car with this calculator.

Low Interest Financing Savings - low interest rates can save you a ton of money on a new car. Determine how much with this handy calculator.

Auto Rebate vs Low Interest Financing Calculator - Determine which financing plan can save you the most money.

Bi-weekly Payments for an Auto Loan - save time and money from your auto loan by accelerating your payments.

Car Loan Calculator - Determine your car loan payment based on your purchase price or how much you can afford to borrow.

Home Equity Loan vs Auto Loan - Which loan is the best option? Determine the best type of loan for your next auto purchase.


Breakeven Analysis Calculator - this handy calculator that helps you make projections in business plans

Business Valuation - Discounted Cash Flow - calculate business valuation based on discounted cash flow methodology - find changes in projected growth rates and capital assumptions that impact Net Present Value.

Commercial Loan Calculator - Estimates your debt service coverage with a new loan. If your debt service coverage is high enough, you have a good chance of being approved.

Financial Ratios Calculator - Determine which areas of your business need attention (e.g. solvency, liquidity, operational efficiency and profitability)

Like Kind Exchange - calculate the recognized loss, gain and the basis for a Like Kind Exchange.

Repossession of Personal Property from a Deferred Payment Sale - If you have repossessed personal property from a deferred payment sale, you can this calculator to determine the gain or loss.

Repossession of Real Property - This calculator determines the gain, loss, or new basis of a real property repossession

Business Debt Consolidation Calculator- use to determine if your business should consolidate its debt

Cash flow calculator - Cash flow is the blood that flows through the veins ofyour business.  Use our cash flow calculator to check the pulse of your business. Good cash flow suggests a stable and invaluable business.

Equipment Buy vs Lease - Is it more cost effective to buy your equipment or lease it? You can weigh the costs with this handy buy vs lease calculator

Inventory Analysis - This calculator determines how much inventory you should hold and the when is the most efficient times to make new orders

Profit Margin Calculator - helps you determine the most efficient profit margins to reach your profit goals

Repossession of Personal Property from an Installment Payment Sale- If you have repossessed personal property with installment payments, you can use this calculator to determine the gain or loss.

Working Capital Needs Calculator - Essential to running your business, this calculator determines how much working capital your business needs next year


Accelerated Debt Payoff - this calculator helps you build a plan to payoff your debt in full faster.

Cost of Debt Calculator - Use this to see just how expensive paying off debt can be

Credit Card Optimizer - Determine the best distribution of your credit card debt

Home Equity Debt Consolidation - Helps determine whether using your home equity for debt consolidation is the right decision

Personal Debt Consolidation - designed to determine if debt consolidation is right for you.

Snowball Debt Elimination Calculator - This debt calculator can cut off years of paying your credit card debt.

Loan Investment Calculator - Use this to see the benefits of paying off your debt and investing your payment  savings

Credit Card Minimum Payment - Determine how long it will take to pay off your credit card through minimum payments 

Credit Card Payoff Calculator - See what it will take to payoff your credit card balance and meet your payment goals

How Much Do You Owe? - Use this calculator as a starting point for debt management

Roll-Down Your Credit Card Debt - this calculator applies to two simple principles to paying off your credit card debt .

Student Loan Consolidation and Debt Payoff - consolidate student loans and use the savings to payoff other outstanding debt 


Life Insurance Analysis - determine how much life insurance you need.

Fixed Annuity Calculator - Use this calculator to determine how a fixed annuity might fit into your retirement plan 

Health Savings Account (HSA) Goal Calculator - Looking into an HSA for a retirement account? This calculator will determine what you need to help you reach your goal

Health Savings Account (HSA) vs. Traditional Health Plans - estimate the value of creating a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) with Heath Savings Accounts (HSA) for your employees.

Immediate Annuity Calculator  - Estimate what your monthly payments might be from an immediate annuity

Long Term Care Calculator - helps determine if you are financially prepared for the large expense of long term care 

Disability Insurance Calculator - use this to determine how much disability insurance you may need if you get hurt or injured and are unable to work

Health Savings Account (HSA) Contribution Calculator- determines the amount you are allowed to deposit into an HSA for the current tax year

Health Savings Account (HSA) Savings Calculator - determines how much health savings will be worth over time

Human Life Value - a calculator that helps you understand the value of your future earning

Life Insurance calculator - find out how much life insurance you really need

Variable Annuity Calculator - Find out how long-term variable annuity can help you save for retirement.


Annual Stock Option Grants - Use this calculator to project how much a series of stock option grants could be worth to you annually. 

Compare Investment Fees - Even a minuscule difference in the fees you pay on your investments can add up in the long run. Use this calculator to see how different fees can change your investment strategy!

Investment Distributions - This calculator aids you in determining either how much, or how long periodic distributions can be taken out of an investment before the investment runs out.

Investment Loan - This calculator helps illustrate the effect of using a loan to purchase an appreciable asset or investment. Using debt as leverage to purchase investments can greatly escalate your return. The downside is that you can escalate your risk.

Investment Savings and Distributions - Use this calculator to see the time period your investment savings can last once you start distributing.

Mutual Fund Expense Calculator - This calculator can help you analyze the costs correlated with purchasing shares in a mutual fund. By entering a few pieces of information, found in your fund's prospectus, you can see the impact of operating and fee expenses on your investment.

Present Value Calculator - Use this calculator to determine the current value of a known final impending value, plus a stream of deposits.

Stock Option Calculator - Use this calculator to assess the value of your stock options for the next 1-25 years.

Asset Allocation Calculator - Your ability to tolerate risk, age, and several other factors are used to calculate a desirable mix of bonds, stocks, and cash.

Future Contracts Calculator - Use this calculator to determine the amount of future contracts you may wish to purchase based on your trading plan and account equity.

Investment Goal - Use this calculator to see if your investment plan is on par to meet your investment goals - and receive suggestions on how to change it if things are falling short. 

Investment Returns -Knowing your annual rate of return isn’t all everything when it comes to investing. Use this calculator to help you see how taxes, inflation, and your time horizon can impact your bottom line.

Municipal Bond Tax Equivalent Yield - Income generated from municipal bond coupon payments are not taxable by federal income tax, they are often exempt from state taxes. Use this calculator to assess the tax-equivalent yield (TEY) for any municipal bond.

Personal Economic Recovery Calculator - This calculator can help you assess exactly what it might take to return you to your initial investment balance.

REIT Tax-Equivalent Distribution - This calculator shows a REIT's hypothetical return and how ROC adjusts tax equivalent yield.

Taxable vs. Tax Deferred vs. Tax Free Investment - This calculator is designed to help correlate a normal taxable investment, a tax-free investment, and a tax deferred investment.


Alternative Payment Frequencies - Use this calculator to assess your loan amount or payment for different payment frequencies.

Balloon Loan Calculator - Use this calculator to see how a balloon loan could work for you. A balloon loan can be an great option for many people looking for a loan. 

Enhanced Loan Calculator - Use the slider controls to instantly change your loan amount, monthly payment, term, or interest rate.

Existing Loan Calculator - Use this calculator to analyze an already existing loan. Calculate the remaining balance based on the number of monthly payments that remain. 

Line of Credit Payoff - Use this calculator to see what you can change to meet your repayment goals, and what it will take to pay off your line of credit.

Loan & Credit Line Tax Savings - This calculator helps assess your tax savings on credit lines with tax deductible interest payments or loans.